The existence of ghosts has been asserted since the dawn of man. But uncontroverted proof? Ah, there's the rub.... But what if one could demonstrate paranormal phenomena as readily as a scientist demonstrates the laws of nature? What would such proof look like? Would the spirits be willing participants...?


Unique Entertainment - Haunted Magic


Our "paranormal theatre" experience is a unique form of entertainment that will make for a hauntingly memorable corporate, community, or social function. Magician and community theatre actor Brahm Corstanje will take you on a journey to England's most notorious asylum, presenting a theatrical creation of paranormal phenomena along the way.



The Haunted One® brand of paranormal-themed entertainment is a presentation of seemingly extrasensory powers and spirit manifestations. Direct audience participation is a key component, resulting in a personally haunting theatrical experience.


Performances are typically about 40-50 minutes long, and particularly suitable for audience sizes of 10 to 150, though larger audiences can be accommodated.


For more information on booking a performance, please contact Brahm Corstanje at:


For a Good Cause


Performances promoted via this site are intended as a fundraising vehicle for Acting Up, a young performer's community theater organization based out of Mason, Ohio, USA; and the Lebanon Theatre Company, a community theatre based out of Lebanon, Ohio.


Pursuant to the Purpose of The Haunted One® performances, all fees paid for performances go directly to Acting Up and the Lebanon Theatre Company, and are therefore considered a tax deductible donation. However, if you would like to make a donation to either organization without booking a performance, please click the following for more information:



A hauntingly good time...